Mobile Terminals

The use of mobile terminals in the warehouse can significantly reduce error rates, accelerate processes and thus represents a huge savings potential.

The SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software can run on nearly any mobile device – regardless of size or brand.

S&P offers not only warehouse management software but also hardware, including mobile terminals.

Below you will find a few models suitable for use in the warehouse.

rugged mobile computer with multiple data capturing options
streamline business processes with cost-efficient rugged mobility
MC3300 Mobile Computer
rugged wi-fi enterprise mobile computer
mobile computer with 2D imaging for quick data capture
rugged gun-style mobile computer
The TC20 Mobile Computer


The ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing
Touch Computer with 1D/2D scan option


The ultimate in ultra-rugged enterprise-class all touch computing
Rugged Touch Computer with revolutionary design
rugged wearable voice and data mobile computer
The next gneration in industrial wearable computers brings unparalleled comfort to hands-free mobility