S&P Computersysteme supplies warehouse management system for the Zander Group

01 July 2014 - Dortmund
The Zander Group, a leading wholesaler in the electrical, heating and sanitary industry in Germany, has entrusted S&P Computersysteme GmbH with the introduction of a new warehouse management system. With the introduction of the SuPCIS-L8 WMS, S&P will optimise the entire logistics system of the Zander Group.
S&P Computersysteme supplies warehouse management system for the Zander Group
Zander is getting started with a new S&P warehouse management system.

By moving to paperless picking and implementing the new WMS, inventory accuracy will be increased and warehouse processes standardised.

The warehouse management software of the Stuttgart-based specialist in intralogistics IT solutions will go into production at the pilot location in Dortmund in 2014; a roll-out to all the large locations of the Zander Group is planned.

The use of mobile terminals not only reduces the error rate, but also permits the WMS to implement packing item tracking right up to the loading dock and even into the truck. Another increase in security and transparency will be obtained from integration of product images into the WMS. The WMS will also optimise shuttle traffic between locations, supporting wholesaler-specific processes such as customer-specific purchase orders and cross-docking. The WMS also supports specific requirements of the industry such as cut length management for cable reels and counter sales on-site. The document-supported workflow in the warehouse, previously controlled by the ERP system, were increasingly unable to keep pace with the growth and high service demands of the Zander Group. With the introduction of SuPCIS-L8, the Zander Group can ensure that their intralogistics can keep up with their growth, ensuring increased service quality for their customers and forming the basis for further progress. Manual and forklift terminals will be used as mobile devices.