STIHL is relying on S&P Computersysteme again, opening a new warehouse in Paris

08 April 2015 - Quincy-Voisins
STIHL SAS, the French distribution and marketing subsidiaries of the STIHL Group, started up a new logistics centres in Quincy-Voisin near Paris in February 2015. The new warehouse is operated with the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software by S&P Computersysteme and serves as the distribution centre for chainsaws and numerous other equipment and accessories for forestry and agriculture.
STIHL is relying on S&P Computersysteme again, opening a new warehouse in Paris

After many years of successful cooperation with S&P at the STIHL sales centre in Dieburg, STIHL decided to use the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management system in France as well. The warehouse management system was initially introduced in two existing locations in France, and now also contributes to efficiency with optimised logistics processes in the new STIHL logistics centre.

In 2014, SuPCIS-L8 was introduced in two warehouses during the expansion and modernisation of the existing main plant in Torcy. A shuttle connected to the WMS for the storage of small parts and the integration of the conveyor systems and shipping sorters has permitted modern warehousing with minimised travel times and the highest possible efficiency. In the ergonomic goods receipt area, the WMS supports processes with a user-friendly graphical container display.

All processes optimisations that are used with SuPCIS-L8 in the two existing warehouse locations were also implemented in the newly built warehouse. For example, the transition to multi-order picking with mobile terminals for distance-optimised, paperless picking. Mobile consolidation and loading processes were optimised with respect to the processing of small and large orders. For example, a shipping sorter permits the sorting of packing units by shipping relation. As is already the case in the existing locations, multi-phase replenishment processes ensure the availability of inventory. High-availability architecture also ensures that logistics operations cannot be affected by damage to the server systems.

The use of mobile printers allows the marking of goods as well as the provision of packages ready to ship with shipping labels during picking. That saves not only time at the packing station, but also packing material.

After commissioning of the new logistics centre, STIHL now has over 23,000 square metres of warehouse space in its French locations around Paris.

"With S&P we've found a reliable partner who has demonstrated their competence more than once with successful cooperation in the implementation of a warehouse management system. The flexible and reliable logistics software by S&P Computersysteme meets all our requirements for efficient, future-ready warehousing," say Thierry Gernath, Head of IT, and Jérôme Forstendicher, Head of Logistics at STIHL.