Trade journal Technische Logistik interviews S&P

25 June 2020 - Stuttgart
Which trends are currently driving the intralogistics industry? Which should be followed and which not? When does it make sense to deliberately leave something out? These and many more questions were answered by our managing directors Rémy El Abd and Horst Reichert in an interview with Christina Kasper, editor of the trade journal "Technische Logisitk".
Trade journal Technische Logistik interviews S&P
The S&P Managing Directors in conversation with Christina Kasper, Editor Technical Logistics ©HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH

Excerpts from the interview:

"The better the customer knows - in his world and in ours - the better and faster solutions we can develop together."

Horst Reichert

"Our job is to observe all the trends and, where appropriate, to support them. We are expected to think outside the box."

Rémy El Abd

" One thing that definitely sets us apart is that we have managed to leave some things out. And rather get the important thing right. "

Horst Reichert


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