Our philosophy - cover picture Our philosophy - cover picture

Our philosophy

High expectations and requirements

We have responded to the needs of our customers for 35 years and they can confirm: When it comes to IT systems for intralogistics, S&P is one of a kind.

For our customers, we are a strong partner from the first hour – for demanding projects, but also just for those little "logistics headaches". We listen carefully when our customers outline their expectations, and we support them right from the start with first-class service – from analysis to round-the-clock support.

Our methods of project management and on-going support are top-notch. They offer everyone involved maximum security while still leaving plenty of freedom to meet project- and customer-specific requirements.

Trust resulting from customer proximity

Our experienced project teams accompany customers in every phase of the project – the continual exchange among all project participants is a given.

The employees who will later be working with the solution are integrated in the process early and quickly learn: Daily work will be easier, and quality will not be in question.

Even after the system goes into production, our in-house support remains a competent contact.

Optimisation through flexibility

Our flexible warehouse management software fits the business processes of our customers – not the other way around. Our modular software solutions are based on mature, existing workflows and optimise them for more transparency and efficiency in the warehouse.

SuPCIS modules not only work in new "green field" logistics systems, but also simplify management and accelerate workflow in existing warehouse concepts – no matter whether the warehouse is operated manually or automatically.