Powerful barcode scanners and scan engines form the basis for the mobile enterprise. They offer outstanding integration with other networks and information systems, including with our warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8. With this mobility at the press of a button, you can significantly optimise the efficiency of your warehouse.

The RS5100 sets new standards among ring scanners with Bluetooth. As one of the most rugged scanners available, employees get the added convenience of light weight, maximum ease of use and reliable, uncomplicated scanning of all bar codes.
Proglove's Mark II is the entry point to hands-free scanning: the Wearable is designed for hands-free use in logistics and ideal for use in environments where maximum productivity is required.
Rugged 1D/2D bluetooh ringscanner
extremely durable scanner series
extremely durable scanner series
rugged and small ring scanner
handsfree cordless imager
fast and user-friendly 1D bluetooth barcode scanner
cordless 2D bluetooth imager
all purpose 2D imager
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