Pick-by-light im Lagereinsatz mit Lagerverwaltungssoftware Pick-by-light im Lagereinsatz mit Lagerverwaltungssoftware


If high speed and high picking reliability is needed, we can act as general contractor in the implementation of pick-by-light and pick-to-light systems.

In paperless picking with shelf displays (pick-by-light), instructions are provided to the warehouse worker directly on the storage shelves. This requires an electronic display combined with an easily visible lamp and one or more buttons mounted on the warehouse shelf. The information is provided directly by SuPCIS-L8.

The warehouse worker quickly and clearly identifies the shelf and the number of units to be picked. After picking, the worker presses the acknowledge button and the display goes out. The change is immediately posted in SuPCIS-L8, and depending on the technical display equipment, quantity corrections and inventory support are also possible.

This can permit a decisive reduction in the rate of error during picking. Experience with existing systems simultaneously shows a picking speed increase of over 70 percent.

Example application of a picking station with multiple order processing

Additional application options

But we also use classical pick-by-light components everywhere efficiency during work should be increased or error rates could be reduced.

  •     Picking with pick-by-light
  •     Separation (second stage of picking) with pick-to-light
  •     Destination container display for mobile multi-order picking
  •     Destination container display on stationary picking stations with multiple order containers
  •     Display of parking spaces during picking
  •     Operating the picking station (transport out)

You can find more information about pick-by-light systems, for example, at KBS.