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Moster goes digital!

Moster starts into a successful future with an all new logistics centre and intelligent WMS.
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Warehouse management SuPCIS-L8 Warehouse management SuPCIS-L8


Powerful warehouse management software for transparent and efficient material flow in the warehouse.
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Warehouse management at the Apple Watch Warehouse management at the Apple Watch

Warehouse management at the Apple Watch

S&P develops app for warehouse management
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Current vacancies Current vacancies

Current vacancies

S&P is looking for smart minds to tackle exciting tasks in multifaceted projects!
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Warehouse management software for intralogistics: SuPCIS-L8

SuPCIS-L8 is more than just a warehouse management software as you know it from common ERP and merchandise management systems. SuPCIS-L8 was developed as a module set especially for the support and control of processes in warehouse logistics systems.


Throwback - relive 30 years of S&P This year would have been our 35th anniversary celebration, but due to the Corona Pandemic this has to be cancelled.
Trade journal Technische Logistik interviews S&P Which trends are currently driving the intralogistics industry? Which should be followed and which not? When does it make sense to deliberately leave something out? These and many more questions were answered by our managing directors Rémy El Abd and Horst Reichert in an interview with Christina Kasper, editor of the trade journal "Technische Logisitk".
Informationen zur aktuellen Epidemie des Coronavirus Die aktuelle Epidemie des Coronavirus schreitet voran. In übereinstimmender Meinung von Experten und Politik erscheint aktuell geboten, die Ausbreitung des Virus zu verlangsamen, um das Gesundheitswesen nicht zu überstrapazieren. Wir bei S&P beobachten natürlich stetig die weitere Entwicklung und halten uns dabei stets an den Empfehlungen des Robert Koch-Instituts sowie des Gesundheitsamtes.
Horsepower, AI and Change Management: Successful S&P User Day 2019 The S&P User Day 2019 was a complete success: Customers and partners of S&P experienced a cheerful evening in the kitchen and learned more about current intralogistics trends and developments, the use of new methods and technologies, such as artificial intelligence in logistics, in specialist lectures the following day.

Here's what our customers have to say:

Marcus Kobbe, Key Account Manager, Meyer&Meyer
"With S&P we have found a reliable partner, who has already supported us in several projects with powerful warehouse management software. The textile-specific requirements of our clients and our demands as a logistics service provider were always considered."
Christof Weller, Warehouse Management & Inhouse Consultant, Schleich
"The warehouse management software SuPCIS was implemented at our company in just one weekend and made the move to our new logistics center much easier. The user-friendliness and transparency of the cockpit is a particular advantage for the control center and the shift supervisors".
Niko Neuhof, Logistics Manager, Lampenwelt
"The WMS system has left nothing to be desired and is user-friendly. The cooperation during the system introduction was very good and successful - almost perfect! The project management works on a high level."
Michael Kausch, Logistics Manager, STIHL
"Throughout the project, and particularly in the post-project phase, we've found S&P to be a competent, fair partner with a high level of commitment and exemplary loyalty, and we've learned to value that. Everything important in the project was done at the right time and in the quality we needed."
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We supply warehouse management software with all components of intralogistics:

We have implemented custom software and system solutions for 29 years, using standard components for demanding logistics requirements at companies of all sizes and all industries that know the importance and the special details of their logistics and want to turn it into a competitive advantage.


We provide warehouse management software with all components for intralogistics IT:

  • Storage location management
  • Warehouse inventory management
  • Lot tracking
  • Track-and-trace
  • Picking
  • Shipping control
  • Loading scanning

We use standard components and implement custom requirements.

Even as a standard package, SuPCIS-ES has all the functions needed for warehouse management (WMS) in order to plan, control and document current workflows even in complex systems. This mature solution offers a fast, low-risk implementation, high adaptability and ease of use. Further information can be found under Warehouse Management Software.

We also provide all the hardware you need for intralogistics IT: From barcodes, RFID, industrial or mobile printers, WLAN, pick-by-light, pick-by-voice and workplace computers to servers, we can provide everything as individual components or as turn-key installations ready to operate. >>More...

Our solutions are used internationally and are also available with user interfaces in English, Dutch, Italian and soon French.


Your warehouse management software from S&P

We, S&P, have developed software and system solutions for logistics for over 29 years.

You still looking for the right warehouse management software? Then you are certainly in the right place. We can provide you with important software for logistics, from warehouse management software to picking systems, solutions in the area of transport management and even components for mobile terminals, storage location management and much more.

With our software for the warehouse, you'll never lose sight of the big picture. A refined warehouse management software package brings a lot of advantages. Any company who wants to take a close look at their logistics can gain a significant competitive advantage from it. So the purchase of warehouse management software is an investment in your future. We can use our warehouse management software to control and document all the processes in use. Operation is easy and the logistics software can of course be customized to your needs.

We would be happy to discuss our warehouse management software with you in person – simply contact us if you have any questions. In a meeting, we can explain the advantages and working processes to you in detail, and demonstrate why warehouse management software is so important for warehouse management and for the company as a whole.

Most companies have similar requirements when it comes to their basic logistics. As a result, we offer a large number of standard components that can be transformed individually into a customized warehouse management system. See for yourself. Our website can provide you with an initial insight into the possibilities our warehouse management software offers.

If you have questions about warehouse management software or other software in the areas of logistics and the warehouse that are not answered on our website, we will be happy to answer them for you. Even if your project is very complex, you have found a competent contact in us. Still don't have a wireless network in the warehouse? We'll be happy to work through the planning process with you and provide mobile printers, mobile terminals and any WLAN Hardware needed for Intraradio so that nothing will stand in the way of your warehouse modernization. And the road to the future is often shorter than you'd think! Our logistics software can increase your intralogistics efficiency with very short start-up times. Warehouse management software from S&P pays!

We are certain that our warehouse management software can simplify your processes, save you time and money during picking with barcode and loading scanning, shipment control, track-and-trace, lot tracking and storage location management. We can also provide support in the areas of intralogistics, shipping software, forklift control systems and inventory management.