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ETRA Oy Adds a Success Factor to its Warehouse with SuPCIS-L8!

Higher, faster, further? Customer requirements on the Finnish technology company ETRA Oy (ETRA), which offers its customers a wide range of industrial products and services as a wholesaler and retailer, are constantly increasing and require the highest level of quality and reliability at all times. With a view to the future, ETRA has therefore deliberately opted for automation when expanding its warehouse logistics at the Hämeenlinna (Finland) central warehouse location.

With the expansion of the logistics centre and the implementation of the warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8, ETRA has already taken decisive steps into the digital age. The WMS SuPCIS-L8 maps and supports all processes and components in the automated warehouse areas – from goods receipt to picking with integrated pick-to-light system, consolidation and packaging. Due to the seamless interaction of the WMS and MFC with the system controls of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH, ETRA benefits from a customised and efficient material flow.

The new, double-deep, 4-aisle automatic small parts warehouse offers extensive floor space and around 50,000 storage locations for ETRA's wide range of products. Incoming goods from the central goods receiving area or replenishment from the manual storage areas are automatically repacked, depending on the quantity and configuration in the avalanche article master, into the containers provided by the avalanche control system in the quantity suggested by the avalanche control system. There are two different types of containers available for this purpose. If required, they can also be subdivided for storing several articles per container. This segmentation is also graphically visualised in the processes. However, before the goods can be stored, they are subjected to a weight and height check – in this context the specified maximum weight of 50 kg may not be exceeded and it is ensured that no material or packaging material protrudes from the containers.

In case of an error, the containers are re-turned directly to the operator with an indi-cation of the error. There are several repacking stations that can be used to fill small quantities into existing storage con-tainers which will arrive on request.


Two of the four existing aisles of the automatic small parts warehouse are operated by storage and retrieval machines from GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH and serve as a zone for non fast-moving goods with a large stock. In the other two aisles totes with fast moving articles are stored. There are 5 Multi-Level-Shuttles (MLS), which are positioned one above the other. All of them are supplied and discharged via a lift. This parallelization significantly increases the storage performance. Each individual vehicle, as well as the 3 controllers of the conveyor system areas, are directly connected with the SuPCIS-L8 MFC.

In order to also increase performance during storage, both the storage and retrieval machine as well as MLS have the possibility to transport 2 containers at the same time. The selection of the storage locations is optimised by the WMS in such a way that both the current occupancy of the buffers before the levels and the storage location occupancy within the aisles as well as the pair formation for double-deep storage are taken into account.