Bansbach project report

Bansbach Warehouse

S&P modernises warehouse management computer at Bansbach in Lorch

Many automatic logistics systems are starting to show their age. If modernisation is on the table, it is natural for operators to turn to the original manufacturer first. After all, that is where one would expect to find the best know-how about the legacy system. But the example project in Bansbach is an impressive demonstration that it can work differently. At Bansbach Easylift, we worked with retrofit specialist Telogs to upgrade the warehouse for future logistics challenges. 

You can find a detailed report on the work in the 2009 "Modernisierungsfibel" (German).

About Bansbach

Specialist in gas springs

Bansbach was founded in 1919. Initially working in the area of tool making, with their own lathe manufacturing, the company later developed into a globally active premium provider with over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of gas springs.