S&P offers more than just components or turn-key systems. We listen carefully when our customers outline their expectations, and we support them right from the start with first-class service – from analysis to round-the-clock support. 

Our methodology for project implementation and on-going support offers everyone involved maximum security while still leaving plenty of freedom to meet project- and customer-specific requirements.

S&P takes responsibility and implements systems as a general contractor or project coordinator, and remains a sparring partner for years for expansions and optimisations.


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Thorough planning is essential for smooth start-up in production and an efficiently functional overall logistics concept for the long haul. We support our customers during planning and implementation, right to the introduction of new warehouse management systems. During that process, we look at the entirety of your logistics processes and work out solutions with an eye on the big picture, so you are perfectly ready for the future. Together, we analyse your existing business processes and find the right IT solution for your needs – whether you are building a new warehouse or have an existing logistics concept. Upon request, we can also provide advice on appropriate hardware and then deliver it ready to operate.


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The implementation of our projects largely takes place by modelling the business processes in our extensive data model. To do this, we use industry-specific templates. Since no application is truly identical to any other, not even between subsidiaries of the same company, we adapt the modules in our warehouse management software through programming as well. This tailor-made, refined adaptation maximises user friendliness. Our customers get an application that can be operated transparently and with as little effort as possible.

To ensure that the result will work smoothly and meet the expectations of our customers, we test the interplay between all the modules before commissioning starts, in an integration test.


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During commissioning, the business processes are once again tested thoroughly on-site, with the goods, carriers, all building systems affected and their interfaces. This test is generally carried out with a broader core team from the customer at their workstations with all peripherals in place. Corrections can still be made during this phase. This is when the overall system gets its final finishing touches.

Only extremely conscientious work, especially in this project phase, can lay the groundwork for the smoothest possible transition to production operation.


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To ensure the production operation of the system and to familiarise customers' personnel with the software and especially with the new workflow, we can provide intensive training in advance. Even though the software is intuitive and can be operated without training, employees should be prepared for the change in processes at the different workstations and reactions in exceptional situations. As a result, practical training is carried out on site. The early involvement of the people responsible for operation of the system even during in-house acceptance and in particular throughout the commissioning process ensures a smooth start without delay.

Software service

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S&P offers reliable, rapid software service. Our in-house support team is familiar with our projects and can provide competent service in all aspects of our warehouse management software. Service is guaranteed for all releases installed by S&P and is offered in staged time and billing models adapted to the needs of the customer. Upon request, even 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Other services are either offered by S&P ourselves or as a sales partner for the different hardware and software suppliers. Our connections with the leading technology companies guarantee us direct, fast support while allowing the customer to have a single contact: S&P.

Hardware service

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Without the hardware in the warehouse, even the best software is useless. That is why we also offer service agreements for your components. 

Service agreements offer:

  •     Short repair times at transparent costs
  •     Comprehensive coverage (depending on the equipment)
  •     Investment protection
  •     A reduction in downtime with faster response times
  •     Reliable services at known, fixed costs
  •     Higher user satisfaction – increased motivation
  •     Multi-year coverage (1, 3 or 5 years possible, depending on the equipment),
        and simplified processing