Lagerverwaltungssoftware Dashboard für den Logistikleitstand Lagerverwaltungssoftware Dashboard für den Logistikleitstand

Logistics Control Room

Customer proximity thanks to high delivery readiness and minimised through times is a strategic objective, while reduction of logistics costs is an operational task. As a result, it is essential always to have a view of all the data and to be able to react quickly.

With the SuPCIS-L8 Cockpit, this is possible at any time and at any workstation. The cockpit is integrated into the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software and offers individually configurable dashboards for the control centre. In the control room, the cockpits serve as a central control point and are individually compiled on the basis of standard components and configured to the respective threshold values. In this way, occupancy states, performance thresholds and resource utilisation can be displayed visually - in values or in graphics. The respective colours result from the configured threshold values.

All relevant data updated in real time, such as performance and daily progress as well as warehouse occupancy levels, are displayed via the individually configurable dashboards. The integrated message centre visualises critical situations on the part of the system technology or logistics in a clear form. Unlike other solutions, the module here is not just a simple display instrument, but is integrated into the processes and thus offers the possibility of directly influencing the processes by mouse click or touch. By means of integrated permanent historisation of states, it is also possible to carry out meaningful analyses. In this way, it is possible to precisely track at which point in time critical conditions arise (e.g. undercapacity and thus the build-up of backlogs in order picking or goods receipt).

Ansicht des Lagers - Draufsicht - mit Status und Zuständen

The new pick heat map provides a graphical overview of different storage areas, visualising movements in real time. It is based on a floor plan of the warehouse. Multiple levels and different aspects of the warehouse can be presented graphically. Colour coding and additional symbols can provide the user with an immediate overview of the state of warehouse elements and can quickly identify problems in specific storage areas.

Custom-configurable dashboards

Warenbereitstellung - Individuelle und konfigurierbare Dashboards
Kommissionierung - Individuelle und konfigurierbare Dashboards
WE / WA Lager - Individuelle und konfigurierbare Dashboards