Warehouse Management System

SUPCIS-L8 - Lagerverwaltung von S&P

SuPCIS-L is more than just a warehouse management system as you know it from current ERP and materials management systems. SuPCIS-L has been specifically developed as a toolbox for the support and control of processes in warehouse logistics systems. The core of S&P's offering is the SuPCIS application software – even in its basic package, already a convenient introduction to IT-controlled logistics: Among other things, it offers chaotic storage location management, path optimisation, ABC analysis and FIFO.

Other standard components are available – for instance for the pick-and-pack picking in pre-calculated shipping containers, lot management, or Kanban. And our S&P development teams can work with an enormous library of well-tested detailed solutions from which they can quickly and inexpensively configure custom applications.

SuPCIS modules can simplify management and accelerate the workflow not only in new "green field" logistics systems, but also in existing warehouse concepts – no matter whether the warehouse is manual or automated. S&P software solutions encompass mature workflows and optimise them. Employees are integrated early in the process and quickly see that: daily work will be easier and quality will not be in question.

SuPCIS-L8 supports all departments:

  • Goods receiving department
  • Quality assurance
  • Repacking with storage preparation
  • Storage
  • Order management
  • Replenishment control
  • Picking
  • Order merging
  • Packing
  • Shipping control
  • Inventory

Your SuPCIS advantages:

  • High transparency in the warehouse
  • Shorter through times
  • Reduced personnel requirements
  • Increased stock turnover
  • Continuous lot tracking
  • Increased warehouse utilisation
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased delivery quality
  • Reduced error rates