Fahrtweg von Stapler Fahrtweg von Stapler


Unsere Module zur Steuerung von Staplern oder anderen Flurförderfahrzeugen optimieren den Transport, lassen aber dem Bediener auch den Freiraum, selbst zu entscheiden.

Forklift control system

Strategies for the transport process

The transport process includes pending transport orders and registered transport equipment. Starting from the type of loading unit to be transported, the characteristics of the transport source and the transport destination, the permitted transport equipment and the route permitted, SuPCIS-L8 can make an optimised selection of the next transports and the transport equipment to be used.

The forklift control system works with optimisation strategies on the principle of empty run minimisation. Here, transport priorities the dynamic prioritisation of pending transport orders are viewed depending on the overall transport traffic and the transport event.

The dynamic prioritisation of waiting transports is carried out according to certain rules, optimises the transport process on an on-going basis and adapts itself to the current transport frequency.


warehouse strategy

Routes are described by segments and nodes that can be attached to the transport orders as segment information. Routes and their segments and nodes can be individually configured to correspond to the transport path topology. The forklift control system then calculates an internal matrix structure of distances between all transport sources and transport destinations in order to speed processing.