Mobiler Handscanner mit Lagerverwaltungssoftware Mobiler Handscanner mit Lagerverwaltungssoftware


Storing or distributing of goods in distribution or production are processes that increase the costs of a product without constituting any creation of product value.

As a result, existing performance reserves should be discovered and error sources prevented. The use of barcodes and mobile data entry terminals (MDE) in a data radio network can take advantage of these reserves to minimise effort and the associated costs in the area of material and goods flow.

Mobile data radio terminals provide direct communication between the warehouse management computer and the terminals (whether permanently installed or portable devices). There is continuous data exchange via WLAN that can permit flexible reaction to errors (for example if the quantity to be picked is no longer available on the shelf) or when priorities change.

Wireless data transmission is essential for flexible mobile data communications in the warehouse. Unlike a simple office installation, however, it is important to ensure that WLAN can operate throughout the area in question. A forklift that moves from one building to the next cannot be allowed to lose its WLAN connection on the way. This is supported by roaming with suitable access points, with minimal switching times from one access point to the next.

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