Pick-by-voice solutions from S&P and its partners help you organise highly repetitive workflows more rationally, for example during picking.

Pick-by-voice solutions work by converting spoken language into data for use within a computer system. So control of the data entry device does not require any typing by hand.

Users who work with pick-by-voice solutions:

  • Have both hands free while working

  • Can concentrate fully on picking

  • Can carry out multiple work steps at the same time


Pick-by-voice solutions can bring performance increases of 15% or more. They can achieve picking accuracy of up to 99.95%.

We implement our pick-by-voice solutions with normal equipment (if they support speech) that can also be used for the operation of the warehouse management system. No expensive add-on devices are needed. That also allows normal dialogs that are not best done using speech to be carried out with the same device. So the devices can be used flexibly.

Your advantages
  • More accurate data entry
  • Lower error rate
  • Better productive
  • Increased safety
  • No pick lists, no labels