Picture with SuPCIS-L8 Storage and a description Picture with SuPCIS-L8 Storage and a description


SuPCIS offers years of investment protection using modern architecture

SuPCIS solutions are available on Unix, Linux, and Microsoft Windows servers;
on-premises, hosted in an external data center, or as a managed service in the cloud.

Software technology

Not only easy to use, but also easy to manage and maintain!

The new SuPCIS-L8 client has been developed with a highly efficient Java framework that offers an outstanding basis for the individual application functions in terms of user comfort, stability and performance. The user interface layout of the individual application functions is handled by a special form editor that can even modify the XML form descriptions online. An integrated component repository monitors the common features of application functions. The application software of the server applications is structured, modular and corresponds to the rules of software engineering.

Our smart client architecture permits the automatic installation and update of new versions. Comfortable operation and database-supported configuration of dialogs offer entirely new options for both stationary and mobile workstations.

SuPCIS-L8 can be started via the browser.

Scalability of back-end services

The front end access services from back-end processes through the network. These are scalable and can be executed redundantly as performance requirements grow. A dispatcher receives requests from a wide variety of client types and distributes them to the assigned services. The comparatively low performance requirements for the server enable the design of systems that support even several hundred users using cost-effective 2-processor servers. This not only reduces the costs for hardware, but also drastically reduces the cost of the database licenses needed.