nobilia dedicates new high bay warehouse with SuPCIS

06 May 2014 - Verl
In April, 2014, kitchen manufacturer nobilia opened its new high bay warehouse for Plant II at its Verl-Kaunitz location. The 36-metre high building, with a total investment of 19 million €, offers over 55,000 storage locations on more than 5000 square metres of space. The automatic high bay warehouse is connected to the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software from intralogistics IT specialist S&P.
nobilia dedicates new high bay warehouse with SuPCIS
nobilia dedicates new high bay warehouse with SuPCIS

Eleven aisles of 130 m by 40 m high bay warehouse are used to store fronts, adapters and swinging flaps for kitchen production in Plant II, and another is responsible for accessories and spare parts. The storage strategy is designed to keep inventory as young as possible and to ensure the provisioning of production even if there are faults in parts of the warehouse.

For fast-moving fronts, the high bay warehouse is used as a replenishment area for the existing front picking warehouse with 12,000 storage locations. Between the replenishment warehouse and the front picking warehouse, the WMS controls up to 1,100 pallets in 15 hours through the conveyor systems as needed. Slower movers are scheduled for pre-picking depending on route-based delivery times. The front parts are picked at picking stations in the high bay warehouse into transport-capable picking frames, that are then provided as needed in the front picking warehouse for picking for production.

Material calls for accessories from the high bay warehouse are also controlled by the WMS. A forklift control system developed together by S&P and nobilia coordinates the transport of goods from the warehouse to the assembly workstations. The retrieval machines supplied by Kadex Mlog in the high bay warehouse are moved using touch panels and are equipped with cameras that, among other things, permit remote diagnostics in case of faults.

"The completion of the hew warehouse is a milestone for nobilia, because it sets the stage for the growth of both plants from a technical standpoint. The warehouse has more than twice as many storage locations than our warehouse in Verl-Sürenheide," explained Volker Kaiser, Plant Manager at nobilia Plant II, during the opening celebration.

Rüdiger Sturz, project manager for Materials Management at nobilia, also had very positive things to say about the new high bay warehouse: "This project was completed to our utmost satisfaction and will contribute to the development of our powerful, intelligent intralogistics."

Every day, 1030 kitchens are produced at the plant. Since commissioning of the plant in 2006, 620 new jobs have been created. The SuPCIS-L WMS from S&P is used at both Nobilia plants.