Components or complete systems

In addition to our application software, as a system house we can also provide complete systems with all the IT components required.

We can also offer maintenance and repair for the components with supply, either directly or through our partner network. High availability, short repair times, along with transparent costs.


Mobile 1D and 2D scanners can significantly simplify and accelerate the picking process and reduce the error rate.


Mobile and stationary printers simplify the marking of goods as well as printing shipping labels and delivery notes during the picking process itself. 

mobile Terminals

Mobile terminals combine a lot of functionality into a single unit, and can support and simplify processes in the warehouse ranging from goods receipt to picking to goods issue.

Forklift terminals

Forklift terminals can connect to the SuPCIS warehouse management software for use as a forklift control system.


Pick-by-light solutions offer high speed and high picking reliability with paperless picking.


Wireless lan
Wireless, broad-area data transmission via WLAN is essential for flexible mobile data communications in the warehouse.

Our partners

Our solutions are mostly implemented hardware-independent and can therefore be installed on virtualized servers from different manufacturers. The same applies to the mobile devices. Even with the best software, your warehouse management system will only work without singificant downtimes if appropriate and reliable hardware is being used. As there is a great variety of hardware providers to chose from, we cultivate close partnerships with several reliable partners to offer you a one-stop shopping full service with the required availability to be able to offer not only the individual components but the entire system. Our partners include: Advantech, Datalogic, ivanti, KBS Industrieelekktronik GmbH, Lenovo, Oracle, RedHat, sys-pro GmbH, as well as ProGlove and Zebra Technologies.

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