Material flow goods on conveyor technology Material flow goods on conveyor technology

Material Flow

Integration of warehouse and conveyor systems

Generally, you could also say: We connect everything that moves.

Control of the transport process in automated warehouse and transport systems for

  • Automated retrieval systems,
  • container and pallet conveyor systems,
  • autonomous transport systems (ATS),
  • gantry robots,
  • electric monorail conveyors,
  • horizontal carousels,
  • mobile pallet racks,
  • paternoster lifts,
  • Shuttle etc.

Peripheral connections

Of course, we also integrate peripheral components into our projects:

  • Large displays
  • Scales
  • Stationary scanners
  • Automatic labelling units
  • Winder etc.

Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit

Schnittstellen zu Systemen verschiedener Förder- und Lagertechnikhersteller wurden bereits realisiert:

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